Automatic Telephone Call Recording

SIP 2 Voice offers an out of the box solution for automatic telephone call recording.

No user action is required, all calls are recoded automatically.

Telephone calls nowadays can be made over the Internet, with the use of Voice Over IP (VoIP), the protocol used is SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).

For recording of these telephone calls, SIP 2 Voice recording solution can be used to automatic record and log all telephone calls.

The system consists of both a hardware and software part, the software running on a standard Windows PC or Server.

Both stand alone (SIP) telephones are supported, as well as so called SIP trunks.

Also a selection of telephones to be recorded can be made.

A fresh installation will be up and running within 15 minutes (really!).

Please note: before you use this product, make sure that telephone call recording is perfectly legal in your country, state or region! We are not liable for misusing this product.